Alberto Olivieri

I obtained my B.A. at the Università degli Studi di Padova, and my M.A. at the Università di Salerno, both in Archaeology.  During those years I studied database theory and took classes in programming. Because of that experience, I became truly passionate about data science at large and I enrolled in a Second level Master Degree in Big Data and Social Mining with the Università di Pisa. Recently, I worked for Professor Irene Pasquetto (UMich, HKS) as a research assistant, and thanks to that experience I was able to enter the CLEOPATRA Project as an ESR. I am interested in the opportunities that the data driven approach can bring, given by both big data analysis with machine learning techniques, and sparse data analysis from more unstructured data sources, like digital ethnography. I have extended experience with the collection, cleaning and manipulation of data to help solving research questions in various fields, from archaeology to social science.