Sveučilište u Zagrebu – University of Zagreb (UniZg) was founded in 1669 while today it consists of 30 faculties, 3 art academies and several centres. With comprehensive programs and over 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students the UniZg is the strongest teaching institution in Croatia.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FFZG, formerly Faculty of Philosophy) was founded in 1692 and in contemporary form in 1874. FFZG is the part of UniZg, but it functions as a separate legal entity. It offers more than 100 study programs and hosts more than 120 nationally and internationally funded projects from humanities and social sciences. The Department of Linguistics has been collecting linguistic resources, primarily computational corpora since 1967. The main field of interest of the Language Technology research group, as the leading actor in the field in Croatia, is the analysis, design, implementation and application of techniques and methodologies in LT, but it is also involved in major LRT infrastructure projects (CLARIN, META-NET: running a Croatian META-SHARE node at meta-share.ffzg.hr). Research include construction and exploitation of mono- and multilingual language resources (corpora and lexica), morphological processing (inflexion and derivation), information extraction, machine translation and core language technologies. In the last decade, the group has been involved in building large language resources (e.g. Croatian National Corpus) and in research on different types of machine translation. The group has conducted research in information extraction (mono- and cross-lingual) from large textual streams, processing of texts using the full set of language analysis tools, NERC analysis, sentiment analysis, etc.

Role in the project: FFZG will work on topics related to the multilingual NLP processing.