The Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the largest Slovenian research institute with a long history of EU and international collaboration. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AILAB) has over 40 researchers conducting research in the field of data analysis with an emphasis on text, web and cross-modal data, scalable real-time data analysis, visualization of complex data, semantic technologies and language technologies. It is one of the largest European research groups working in these areas. In particular, the areas of expertise comprise: Data Mining, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Link Analysis, and Data Visualization as well as more integrative areas such as Semantic Web, Knowledge Management and AI.  Marko Grobelnik, together with two colleagues, manages the team of over 40 individuals. Grobelnik’s main achievements are from the field of Text-Mining, having leading roles on scientific and applicative projects funded by the European Commission, having projects with industries such as Microsoft Research, British Telecom, New York Times, Siemens and Bloomberg and the organization of international events on related topics.

Role in the project: In Cleopatra JSI leads WP6 “Event-centric cross-lingual analytics and cross-cultural studies” and brings its expertise to work on topics in the area of cross-lingual analytics.