Hackathon, R&D and OEKG V2

In January, the CLEOPATRA ESR students were having the Hackathon and R&D week which resulted in the publication of the Open Event Knowledge Graph  V2 as well as in the continuation and formation of several promising research collaborations.

Hackathon and OEKG V2.0

We have conducted the third and final Hackathon within the CLEOPATRA project, with the goal of creating a new version of the Open Event Knowledge Graph that integrates the EventKG and six datasets originally created and published by the ESR students. Via an efficient and robust integration pipeline, these seven datasets were integrated and transformed into a single knowledge graph: the OEKG V2.0. The OEKG V2.0 collects event-related data from multiple application domains, including question answering, entity recommendation and named entity recognition. The OEKG can be explored on its website. We also provide more information about the OEKG V2.0 on the CLEOPATRA website.

Example screenshots of the OEKG website

Research and Development Week

After the Hackathon, the CLEOPATRA ESR students participated in the Research and Development (R&D) week, where they continued their ongoing group research or discussed new ideas in five groups.

Group photo of the Hackathon and R&D week participants