Cleopatra at the 17th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Heraklion, Greece

We will be running our first international workshop on cross-lingual, event-centric open analytics at the 17th ESWC, which this year will be held in Heraklion, Greece, 31 May – 4 June 2020.

The goal of the interdisciplinary workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the fields of the Semantic Web, the Web, NLP, IR, Human Computation, Visual Analytics and Digital Humanities to discuss and evaluate methods and solutions for effective and efficient analytics of event-centric multilingual information spread across heterogeneous sources. These methods will help to deliver analytical results to users in a meaningful way, and assist them in crossing language barriers in order to understand event representations in other languages and contexts.

You can read more about the workshop at

ESR presentations and publications

Several of the Cleopatra ESRs have already had papers and posters accepted at international conferences (in Iceland, the Republic of Ireland and France). All of the presentations will be made available to read on an open access basis:

  • Daniela Major has had a paper accepted at the 27th International Conference of Europeanists – Europe’s Past, Present and Future (22-24 June 2020), Reykjavik, on ‘The “New Destiny of Portugal”: the idea of Europe in Portuguese Presidential Discourse’ (
  • Daniela Major and Caio Mello have had a poster accepted at the ‘Engaging with web archives: opportunities, challenges and potentialities’, Maynooth, 15-16 April 2020, on ‘Tracking and analysing media events through web archives’ (
  • Diego Alves and Gaurish Thakkar (with Marko Tadić) have had a poster accepted at the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC2020), Marseille, on ‘Evaluating Language Tools for Fifteen EU-official Under-resourced Languages’ (